Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Never Settle for your Personality Look-alike

You need that person that complements you, not that person that gives you what you already have. 

Often times we hear some ladies say; oh! he looks just like me, he has my kind of qualities, he behaves exactly like me, he is a synonym of my personality, etc. As funny as it may sound, and at the same time, compromising. Never settle for that person that possesses the same attributes as yours.

Come to think of it; can you eat your cake and have it? Eat cooked rice without sauce(well, I wouldn't be surprised if I get an affirmation)? can you drive a car without fuel or water in it? can you build a house without water? Definitely, the answer to all the above questions, will be an abrupt NO.
Listen, everyone needs that special someone(person) that completes them, not that special someone that gives you what you already have. Imagine how complicated and serious it will be, if a choleric man settles down with a choleric woman. Disastrous, right? Then, why accept settling down with that person that at the long run (In your marriage) there'll be nothing short of consistent quarrels, disagreements, back-lashing and at the end divorce?

There was this relative of mine that was all out to settle down with this particular guy she was dating because, he has her exact look-alike personality attributes. After all the begging and talking and nagging for her to rethink her relationship through, unfortunate for her she eventually settled down with this guy. But, guess what? There is something you need to know! My relative have this over alarming issue of squandering money, and she finds it pretty difficult to save money for raining days. She had this syndrome of; lavish the money as it comes in, which was not farfetched from what her newly wedded hubby was suffering from. Now, they are finding it hard to cope with the tide of this current low economy system.

Although, money is not everything(they say), but it is tantamount in any relationship. If you are finding it difficult to save money, you"don't need that guy or lady that has the same don't save money" syndrome or default. Listen, it will be disastrous to cub or control when married to such a person. Settle for that person that will help complement that character or personality flux or flaws you have challenges in. Be real!

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