Sunday, May 3, 2020

The Misuse of the three words Sentence “I am Sorry”

The three-word sentence “I am sorry” is one that many find very difficult to vocalize. In the part of the world where I hail from, many will hurt you, yet will be the first to get defensive by attacking you instead of using the three-word sentence “I am sorry”.

To many, this three word sentence has been bastardized. Sometimes they will intentionally step on your toes repeatedly just to say “I am sorry” at the end. Let’s examine this!

Unfortunately, I do not often use this three-word sentence, but I do use them occasionally. Yes, you may be wondering how come?

I deliberately strive daily to live right and avoid stepping on toes or messing around when meeting up with my daily responsibilities. Little wonder my partner calls me, The Perfectionist”. No, I am not, I tell her all the time.

In our 8 years of being together, I can count the number of instances I have had to use the sentence “I am sorry”. Again, in recent times, we seldom use it because we both understand our responsibilities and the need to respect each other’s boundaries.

In like manner, I strive to treat everyone the way I want to be treated. By that, I determine and control how you treat me because I do not want to create a reason to use the three-word sentence “I am sorry”. Now, ponder in your heart how often you apologize for your wrongdoings and how often your associates have to apologize to you for their wrongdoings. Sometimes, many are just so eager to receive apologies while others often apologize saying “I am sorry” to attract empathy. It is uncalled for, especially when you know you most times intentionally put yourself in that situation.

Don’t get me all wrong, there are situations like  when you mistakenly stumble on an individual in the mall, hallway or elevator. In that case, courtesy demands that you say, “oh I am sorry”. I don’t mean the other type of apology I previously talked about. I guess you understand exactly the kind of apologies I am referring to?

One thing is certain, there are situations and circumstances where your apologies do not matter or are required anymore. Hence, it’s important to watch out for that. It is expedient we ensure that we make use of those three-word sentences when it's necessary, but primarily strive to seamlessly do the right thing so that you don't have to frequently use the three-word sentence like a broken record.

Never misuse your apologies because they are powerful words that can heal, recover and restore. I love these words “I am sorry” and I will forever cherish the impact it was designed to create. Bear in mind, it becomes valueless when used from a heart void of honesty. 

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