Thursday, May 7, 2020

The Neighborhood I Grew Up as a Village Boy

This is the neighborhood I grew up in Okobo in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. These photos are recent and those structures are existing around my humble abode right this moment. I am laying everything out for you to appreciate your past, present and future. My mother practically trained, nurtured and made a man out of me, from the neighborhood shown in the picture. That is why I usually call myself a village boy. 

Now, my question to you is, did you grow up in such a neighborhood? If your answer is no, then count yourself a child born with a silver spoon in your mouth because mine was not even close to a wooden spoon. 

When I was growing up in this neighborhood, there was no electricity and our source of water was a natural stream which was 4 miles away from our home. This neighborhood is where I return to from Ado-Ekiti to see my mother anytime I desire a vacation. I loved the neighborhood; I even went as far as exploring every opportunity that emanated from there. The sad part of it is that despite how much I loved my village, I never imagined building or growing a career in my village. Today, I found for myself a new neighborhood far from Odobo. 

The truth is, where you grew up or where you were given birth to, should not define your future. Your birth place should not determine the outcome of your future, lifestyle or career. All you need is a determination to explore, hunt down success and maximize every opportunity with your natural potentials.

Emanating from such a neighborhood, I was ready to work hard and seamlessly to prepare for the future I am living in today. It undoubtedly spurred the resilience in me to carry on each day no matter the cost, and I thank God for that. Probably, I wouldn't have been this street smart if I had my childhood growth in the city. 

In conclusion, do not ascribe your present unpleasant status to your childhood development or growth. Success is a choice, and you can make that choice now. What are you waiting for? Strive for mastery!


  1. Jesus Christ, it is well o. Thank God for your life today...hmmmmm

  2. This is really inspiring, truly one's success lies in your hands. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I can relate. You just took me down the memory lane. Thank God for how far He has brought all of us from such neighborhoods. We are living a life of favor now. Our light has come.🙏