Wednesday, May 20, 2020


Your success is complete when it's balanced! Our society feels most women who are highly placed or are highly successful in the society, lack the ability to be submissive. Most men feel power intoxicates a woman and makes her arrogant to her man. Well, I wouldn't be ignorantly biased in denoting the above facts, and to also believe that there is a little bit of sense and truth in it. Smiles!

A lot of women have lost their marriages, relationships, jobs, trusted team members, family members, careers, etc due to lack of balancing their successful careers with their interpersonal relationships. You see most women bossing their hubby's at home the same way they boss their junior colleagues or employees in the office. You can imagine!
Do you know you can still be Successful and Submissive at the same time? Yes you can! All you need is a balanced lifestyle. Know how to give caesar what belongs to caesar. Leave office work, office codes and conduct, office shenanigans, etc in the office, because that's where it all belongs, not in your personal relationship affairs and matrimonial homes, please. You wonder why you keep having those arguments with him of not always being understanding when it comes to your career pursuits, dreams and aspirations, etc. He is understanding and patient with you, he just needs you to be submissive and have a balanced lifestyle. Don't expect what you are not giving out!

There are lots of women who are Successful in their careers, and they are also doing well in their relationships. It's not too late to readjust and balance things up in your life. Striving to be successful does not and should not make you arrogant. Balance things up!

Photo Credit: Lusaka Times, Medium, Pinterest

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