Wednesday, May 27, 2020


The moment you begin to learn the process(es) of perfecting yourself, then you wouldn't need to struggle with that weak personality reflex. 

Understanding self-perfection is learning the process of perfecting oneself. A whole lot of us spend most of our time and energy focusing more on our strengths and ignoring our weaknesses. And that has seriously affected our perceptual proficiency and abilities regarding the way we view life as a whole entity in itself.
The difference between your strength and your weakness is the fact that at every point in time, each one of them dominates each either, depending on the circumstances or mood that you are in at that point in time. Sometimes you want to just react to that barter or bickering shown or done by that individual, on the other hand, you just feel like keeping calm because it's not worth the trouble. For some other person, it might be the reverse. If you know what I mean. Smiles!

Wallowing in your weaknesses rather than balancing things up, will only bring the worse out of you. Therefore learn to understand that techniques or behaviour that will help perfect your personality. I know a man is by nature a complex and complicated being, but we learn from each other's experiences out of life. As hard as it may sound, as a task to attain; strive towards self-perfection, that alone will help as a booster for your self-perfection therapy. Read books that will help build you into self-perfection, grow your minds, relate with people of like-minds that are also amassing to build a better personality for themselves, get impactful mentors that will help you stay on track, etc. 

Nobody was ever born perfect, we were all born with an empty personality slate. We all learnt the attributes we are portraying right from the time when we were born. So, keep learning properly to understand the act of self-perfection, strive towards being a better you and strive towards perfection. You alone have the power to be your best self.

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  1. Interesting!
    One wouldn't think that his/herwher cannot be sealed totally. M

    so, as stated weakness on itself is strength when it dominates at any given time.

    I have this deduction from this article that my strength is that part of me that dominates at a given time. For optimum performance, efficiency and productivity, it is wise to master every condition that dominates me at every given time.

    Thank you Faith Wondoket
    You've made my morning, in extension my day and weekend.