Wednesday, June 10, 2020

A Lesson my Mother Taught Me: A Life of Contentment!!!

Growing up as a young lad in Lagos after relocating from my local village of Odobo in Akwa Ibom, was a huge lead for me. At 16, I was innocent, naive but very disciplined. I tasted poverty before I left home which significantly humbled me when I arrived in the city of Lagos.

Nonetheless, contentment was one virtue my mother instilled inside my groin, and while living under her roof. Above is the photo of myself and mum in 2004 when I was serving, broke and still hoping for what the future had in store for me. 2016, I invited her over to the United States for a reunion and visit.
Despite all the odds life threw at me while in Lagos and the seemingly pleasant appearances of the temporary goodies that came my way, I held on to those village virtues my mother had sounded into my ears before I departed for the Lagos. My beloved mother never stopped echoing each time she called me on the phone, “my son, please do not bring shame to me and do not stretch your hands to things you cannot afford, be contented at all times”. Those words still echo in my head till date. 

If you must know, each time I send her money, she will query the source and I must  give a detailed explanation before she will collect it. In fact, mother had placed a curse on me if I dared to source for wealth in any wrong place to send to her.

I could recall, upon my return from NYSC February 2005, yahoo-yahoo(419 scam) was the reigning hustle and common source of income. I was mocked, disgraced and talked down as a lazy dude because I refused to join the gang. At night, I will return to my room to pray to God to bless my little legit hustle and at the appointed time, God came through for me.

Indeed, “the patient dog eats the fattest bone” it's nothing but a simple fact. The same way the yahoo-yahoo boys used their computer to scam and make illegal money from vulnerable victims, I equally used my computer to legally achieve my dreams of a Business & Data Analyst that I have become today.

The lesson here is that: be contented, don’t be carried away by the hype and affluence displayed on social media and also understand that there is no shortcut to success. Success demands a conscious endeavour, resilience and grit. Patience is a virtue that allows you to understand time and seasons. Wait for your time, turn and season. It will come sooner than you can imagine if you are not weary. 


  1. The true source of strength of a virtuous mother.

  2. God will grant her long life to eat the good fruits of her labour

  3. Never forget the family you came from...and the values instilled in your growing up years. They will take you a long way.

  4. 😢😢😢😭This is very inspiring. This is a hope for the hopeless. God works in mysterious ways🙏

  5. This is inspiring.
    More wins my Ibom brother

  6. I miss my mother who passed on in 2014.

    What a great story.

    Women are the umbrella in our life.

    I wished my mum was alive. A compass I truly missed.