Monday, June 22, 2020

Be a blessing when the Going is Good

I have oftentimes written about impacting others, giving, sharing and showing love to strangers, family and friends. By so doing, the world will be a better place and no doubt there is love in sharing. The truth is, giving does not necessarily need to be monetary. The time you take to share vital information can make a significant difference than money. Think about it for a moment.

I have lost count of individuals that I have impacted positively by just sharing vital information with them over the years that gave them unprecedented breakthroughs. And more so, of those that I have impacted with my personal resources in one little way or the other. Countless strangers are using one of my online learning platforms to also learn. The truth is, I feel blessed and fulfilled that others can maximize those already paid resources to prepare for their certifications. 

Who and how are you impacting others now that the going is good? I have had my down moments and strangers I never expected came through for me too. Hence I can’t stop impacting.

Do you know that life is turn after turn, or rather give and take? When the going gets rough, most of us get forced to turn to strangers through social media connections, friends and family that we didn’t or never reached out to, when the going was good. Search your conscience if you are among those that are more self-focused? Remember, one good turn deserves another.  Just my 2cents!

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