Tuesday, June 2, 2020


Yes, I am a professional Business Analyst with several Skill Sets. I love my job and the company I work for. Yet, many people and connections have been asking me questions around Life and Career Coaching. Interestingly, my mentees do not need a request for a connection from me because they enjoy the combo service for free (career & Life coaching). I wish I could be sharing screen shots of feedback from my mentees or permit me to say clients, if I may call them that.

Unfortunately, I cannot because as a Life coach, I owe my clients/mentees the right to their privacy. Except they choose to share their success stories afterwards, by themselves.

Nonetheless, many ask me what makes me feel that I am a life coach especially when many feel shy or restrained to take such roles. My answer is usually simple. After going through several hurdles of what life threw at me over the past 3 decades with proven success stories, I think I owe my generation the privilege to share the secrets of how I threaded the path from being a Calabar village boy to a successful, United States based boy. From working menial jobs, I launched into working in corporate settings both in Nigeria and abroad. To have been able to navigate life's journey without anyone's guidance including my bad marriage experience, then I have no reason to be selfish with the well of knowledge and experiences I have. All these add to what drives me to be a life & career coach/instructor.

Another pointer for being a Life Coach are my intriguing personal life qualities and character, they mirror exactly that of a life coach, which are exactly what have been helping me to successfully serve my mentees and associates. Again, it has been for free.

The purpose for sharing my personal articles as a coach is to enable them to navigate life with better understanding and to progressively grow. In my pursuits, I have made a huge career switch twice which turns out to be part of my success story as well . 

Finally, just so that I can better serve and resolve all the doubts on inquisitive minds, I will be signing up for a leadership package course with John Maxwell Team where I will be a certified Life & Career Coach. The sad news is that soon I get that certification, my free services will not be business as usual. Again, to all my current mentees who are always worried and asking questions if I will charge them as well? Of course NOT…
You will continue to be under my mentorship until I see into it that you all succeed as you all also helped to sharpen my coaching skills. But new mentees, Yes it will be paid services!!!...I rest my case. God bless you all.

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