Tuesday, June 16, 2020


The above topic can imply different things but, as you read you will find out the angle from which this article bothers on. So hang in there and digest!!It is commonly said that there is a gift and that is why it is called "present" and a present as in a gift comes in different sizes and packages. That analogy goes to put forward the point that as humans what we possess in our present lives differ from what the next person possesses as some are more favoured than others. The goodnews is that the present is common to all whether fortunate or less fortunate and what is done in the present can change the narrative of one's life either for the better or the worse. Now, here's the point: what are you doing with the gift of your present? Are you busy giving excuses and wishing for things that you expect to have been born into? Are you playing the blame game? Blaming your parents, environment or even the government for not being able to live the life of your dreams. All these will make you a culprit to negative feelings like self-pity, depression, etc and that is enough to put asleep every motivation that should have come from within to build in your present.The present is an important phase in life. For the fortunate already, consistency in building in the present is of uttermost importance, if this is ignored then the fortunate life will become unfortunate in the future. For the less fortunate, with the right attitude the narrative can be changed. You cannot anticipate a better future for your life and not be doing anything that adds positively to you in your present. However the present is right now for you, to have a future that's secured then you must continuously build in your present.