Sunday, June 28, 2020

How to become my Mentee

Over the past few days I have had over a 100 requests for mentorship and coaching. Yes, it’s quite fascinating that this village boy is thus leaving a great influence with his posts around the world. Quite expected. Again, I can now confirm that the saying “be careful what you wish for” is nothing but the truth. Anyways, God knows I can handle it. I am so deeply sorry, if I have not responded to your DMs and questions. I thought it’s wise to share the truth with you all. 

First, soon after I shared a recent screenshot of one of my mentee’s fully funded scholarships in North America, many requested mentorship for a similar process. Then I posted another about “hope for HND and 3rd class graduates”. Which also turned out to be all overwhelming. 

Honestly, I have over 200 mentees in my life and career mentorship program which I mentor for free. Some of my mentee cuts across several groups. To mention but a few:
  1. New African immigrants finding their career path in North America.
  2. Those immigrants who are still finding their niche in the corporate world to secure jobs while still dealing with other menial jobs.
  3. Students seeking graduate admission and fully funded scholarships in North America.
  4. HND & 3rd Class graduates finding answers for upward movement.
  5. Those seeking to switch their career path.
  6. Others with general life concerns.

And many more. The truth is, I have personally gone through all the above processes and I have evidence of successes to show for it.

Like you all know, I am officially John Maxwell trained coach and mentor. Hence, I enjoy what I do. Having said that, I did make a post a few weeks ago, stating I will no longer offer free mentorship anymore at some point. Besides, many mentees do not take my benevolence seriously. Many display some entitlement just because I respond to DMs and emails. It’s time to put a structure to my services. 

To all those who are seriously seeking and feel they need my mentorship, please click the link, fill the request form and I will reach out to you as expected. 

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