Tuesday, June 9, 2020


Knowledge is best understood, when it is shared. Experience they say, is the best teacher, but not all of our experiences are ours. Same as knowledge, because they are intertwined. Our knowledge is derived from our experiences and that of others, that is why knowledge in itself is never selfish, because if it was, all of us would have been in an empty slated state of nature, with nothingness and confusion, and without an iota of understanding of what is right or wrong, good or bad. I know a lot of people will debunk the fact that our knowledge or the knowledge we acquire in one way or the other, is best understood when it's been shared, and therefore unrelatable to them, which is not the absolute truth in itself. Most likely, because one can never understand the in-depth of knowledge without the experience derived or the feeling shared from the knowledge being received, conveyed, or given. Enough of the philosophical confusion. Smiles! Let's focus on the article. A lot of people think because universally knowledge is tagged the source of power or I should say knowledge is power, the way its best understood; does not mean it shouldn't be shared to those who are in grave need of it. Little wonder, a whole lot of people prefer their quietness with all the God-given gifts they have or have acquired in years (which I must commend) due to hard work and consistency, have decided to save themselves the trouble or the fear of people coming to sap little out from their income, or disturb their peace and quietness all in the name of sharing knowledge to the young, old, and relentless, that are seeking to grow and progress around them. It is more or so, pathetic to withhold vital information(s) that would have helped or would help change the course of nature in somebody's career, professional pursuits or life. If you have been in one way or the other guilty of withholding knowledge, start today by learning how to share those knowledge you also got from other selfless and altruistic people. Remember, you were at one point in your life stuck in one place, without the knowledge that you possess now, and someone came to your rescue. I must commend Wilfred Asuquo for giving young and vibrant minds the opportunity through his career mentor-ship platforms to share from the knowledge he has acquired since 3 decades ago.

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