Wednesday, June 10, 2020

LEARN to keep your PROMISE

Promises are meant to be kept not forgotten! A whole lot of us have defaulted in one way or the other in keeping the promise(s) we me-ted to our friends, family members, employers, employees, partners, etc. Trust, they say when lost or broken can never be recovered, unless a miracle happens at the long run. Why make that promise(s) when you never meant keeping it? Why promise fellow heaven on earth when you are living in hell, yourself? Why promise that job, when you don't have one or can keep one yourself? Why promise a mouth-watering salary to that new professional employee when you are still owing the ones that are still working for you? Why promise marriage, when you can't even manage your single-hood? Why promise! Why promise. Personally, learnt to understand that, anytime I make a promise and delay in fulfilling what I promised, I'll end up not keeping it, at all. The best way I tried to overcome such disturbing personality menace of not always keeping my promise(s) was to always say it and do it at the spot without delay, because a minute of; I'll sort this person out later, will turn out to be a long story that will tickle and crash the heart of the expectant at the same time. It's never too late to correct that mistake of promising and failing. It is never too late to call your head and mind to order, to re-correct itself in keeping promises. Trust is easy to get, but is hard to recover. Learn to keep to your promise(s).