Monday, June 29, 2020

Success is a PROCESS, Tag Along

You need to go through the process to know how it feels to be a winner. Although it might be swift and might go smoothly for you or it might delay or seem rough in the hedges, for others, it still doesn't change the fact that you have to go through a process to get to your final destination. I know a lot of people will brag and boast of the fact that they never struggled in the streets of Lagos or any other States, tirelessly seeking to get a job or sedulously tilled the ground to have millions and billions in their accounts, because maybe they had an highly placed family member, relatives, or parents that made sure that was sorted out, without stress, so why do they need to go through rigorous process to succeed in life. Listen, relax, that isn't your success, believe it or not. Nobody has ever gone from 10-100 in their career pursuits or in their pursuits for success. I might be wrong to you or I might be tagged as a hasty generalised writer, but the fact still remains the fact. Success is a Process, it is either you go through it, the best and possible way you can, with the right and best minds around you, no matter the huddles that might surface at the beginning of the tunnel or better still quit before getting started, but remember, quitters are the biggest losers. I have heard lots of people say, menh! The process is a long drive, it might take till infinity to get to the final process, let me look for the easy way or short court out of it. Little wonder, most young, smart headed, and bright minds are involved in the easy way of becoming rich and successful. Pity! Listen, its just a matter of time. Don't give up too easily yet. Tag along, the next step might just be the beginning of your breakthrough. You have come too far to give up, now. Take a leap of faith, and you'll be just fine. Thank you!

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  1. This piece is mind relieving sir. Thanks for this write-up, God bless the work of your hands as you continue to motivate we young people. 🙏