Saturday, June 13, 2020

Thank you Fam! Reason Why I do What I do.

For over a year now, every single week has been a productive week for me in my career and all other areas. It is nothing more than the fact that your feedbacks have been so encouraging, inspiring and soul lifting. In fact, I am short of words to express how I feel each time I read those heartwarming DMs. 

Most importantly, it is not in my place to blow my own trumpet, but I am overwhelmed and grateful that the little I consistently put out there about my life's journey, is tremendously impacting lives, positively. However, I want to express my appreciation to you all on LinkedIn, who have used my different posts, mentorship opportunities and shared experiences, to navigate each of your daily opportunities. 

Always remember, without you, there is no me. Touching hearts & lives with my inspiring true-life experiences has been my most desired wish since 2013. Little wonder I created BTN247 to better share the bitter truths about life's realities 24/7. But the timing wasn’t right then, but now it is. 

Again, you all made me who I am today by those constant feedbacks, comments, likes and sharing of my posts. Those screenshots are typical examples of some of the feedback I received today in my DM after my last two posts. I am humbled by my creator’s enabling privileges because I am only a vessel. 

Finally, in order to be a better leader to better serve, I just joined the John Maxwell Team (JMT), a seasoned life coach and international Public speaker. I look forward to daily and consistently impacting lives, adding value, and proffering life-changing solutions to individuals and organizations in subsequent years ahead.

Once again, thank you.

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