Thursday, June 25, 2020

The Menace of godfatherism

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The above subject is one that every aspiring professional should pay attention to.
Please, never get caught in its web. Yes, there is a huge belief around in every nation, culture and tribe that only with godfatherism can one strive to attain success.

On the contrary, I beg to differ. No, I don’t believe and I don’t need any godfather to make every giant stride. In fact, I create them and I am one myself.

If we all have to go by the usual and normal myth, some of us wouldn’t be where we are today, and voices wouldn’t be heard. We would have been way forgotten in our villages & slumps.

For every giant stride I ever made or accomplishment I have attained, there was never any godfather who helped me or whom I looked up to. Remember, I am just a village boy, minding my business and doing my thing. I believe in hardwork and that my gifts and my creator will make a way for me.

Please #connections stop believing and waiting for one godfather or one person to introduce and enable you move forward.

You don’t need any godfather if you don’t have any yet. Don’t get me wrong, if you have one, great, but if you don’t, brace up and keep pushing. For me, I have the greatest godfather who is above with a big “G” Godfather.

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