Wednesday, June 17, 2020

The Power of Networking! It’s Priceless

I once wrote an article on the “Power of Internet”, and it was focused on the entire online resources and opportunities that we need, to help in the course of our pursuits for success and progress in our career and professional life. But, this subject “the power of networking” is focused on human relationships and progress through networking. Yes, I understood the power of networking for well over two decades now, and I cannot but continue.
To maximize the power of networking, there are lots of prices to pay aside just accepting or sending out friend requests on social media. Remember, before now it was called physical relationship, but with the advent of the internet and the toil on technology, the word “networking” has taken a center stage. Now, it's either social media networking or otherwise, or how we maximize it, is left for us, individually.

Permit me to share practical experiences of why I am a big fan on this subject. The wife of my youth, running to 8 years now, was through Facebook networking. We met on Facebook and we started chatting, until today, we are still together and still counting memorable years together in sweet love, peace and harmony. You, in search of a life partner, lazing or fooling around, do the needful and stop procrastinating or back-lashing others, who are doing it, and are making substantial, impact, and legit relationships from it. Social network is the answer. 

I have business partners I have never met physically before and we are doing mutual legit businesses together. That's the strong power of networking. All of my webinar guests and speakers are from the product of networking. The contributor to my blog Faith Ernest is another testimony of the power of networking. I can go on and on but the most recent is what I want to share. 

We connected on this platform of linkedin a few months ago, and we hail from the same town (Oron) in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. Above all, she is a physician. We have talked and chatted a few times, shared common values and opportunities as need arises. She resides in Lagos, Nigeria and works with one of the Teaching Hospitals. Recently, I had a medical emergency at my home and I needed a Tele-medicine intervention without calling 911 or driving to the emergency unit. Nonetheless, I have several physicians and Nurse practitioners as friends in my network. Some I have seen them face to face and others strictly on social media networking, with strong and friendly mutual connection. In my bid to get help, I placed a call through to one of my physician connections as early as 5:30am Nigeria time and 12:30am EST US time. 

I never called her at that time before nor have I chatted with her in the last 2 weeks. She picked up the call, and then switched to video call to administer Tele-medicine and gave a quick intervention that salvaged the medical situation. Once again, thank you Dr. Atim Isanghidihi. Guess what? 

I offered to pay her for her service, she declined but I had to find a way to show my appreciation because she didn’t believe she did anything for me. Later on, we went on to discuss how Tele-medicine is now a vast growing healthcare practice in our developed world. It is effective and it is the way forward. The following day she called again to follow up with me to see how the situation went.  

Lesson: Networking demands consistency, trust, honesty and respecting of boundaries. You never call or check on your network only when you have a problem or need help. A regular text or call to exchange pleasantries or share opportunities goes a long way to building the needed trust regardless of the distance or countries of residence with the network. Never look down on a network. Treat them with utmost respect. One will wonder why I didn’t call my US base physicians, yes! I love Nigerian trained doctors, they are rugged and very good if you must know. 

Many find it difficult to network because they love their space too much, for anyone to invade it. Many do not want to network because they hate sharing their few resources, but the instant they need help, they will beckon on their abandoned networks. God is watching you ooo. Finally, this experience has made me step up my principle of placing more value on every one in my circle of networks. Please, strive to keep and build your network, instead of looking forward to others using their network to deliver value for or to you. Thank you.


  1. Wonderful post. This part got me laughing: One will wonder why I didn’t call US base physicians, yes! I love Nigerian trained doctors, they are rugged and very good if you must know. Not all though. The ones who are good are fantastic.

    1. Enwaa Oro! You know how it is👏👏👏👏
      That Doctor, Na Oron babe oooo. She too sure.... correct. Her placebo therapy worked.