Sunday, June 14, 2020

Why most LADIES find it DIFFICULT to work TOGETHER

Have you ever wondered why most female employers, bosses and women in general, find it pretty difficult to work peacefully together with themselves in the workplace? Or have you ever wondered why most ladies cannot work together without back and forth back-lashing or disagreements? This has really been of great concerned to me. How about you?

Sometimes, I wonder if these, permit me to, so-called female bosses, employers, ladies had a past brutal disagreement with themselves in their previous life, or they are crushing on the same man outside or inside the workplace, Smiles! or maybe they feel likely threatened by each others outlook, beauty, intellectual prowess, charisma, what have you? Frankly speaking, I'd like to very much know why this frequently happens, because I'm very much interested to crack this puzzle, myself. How about you?

You know, there was this female client I once worked with then, she always felt I wasn't giving her the full respect she desires or deserves, even when I thought and felt I was going overboard with the fully padded respect I was consistently bestowing on her. Several times, I feel dazed anytime she complains. I still feel baffled, anyways!

Truth be told, I have heard a lot of women(I'm also guilty of it) say they prefer having a male boss or working with a male boss, rather than a female boss. Ladies, you don't have to feel threatened working with a female employee, colleague, or employer just because you feel you'll always have to compete for poise, likeness, durability, etc.

Female employers, always remember, you are the boss, you don't have to inculcate, instil fear or force her to respect you, just to prove to her you're no match for her, the same way most ladies in and outside the workplace, generally see or think about themselves. Why not keep sentiments out of the workplace, and focus. Listen, you are the leader, you singlehandedly accepted or selected your own team members for the sole reason to build that organization and company, not for you to thereafter scatter or destroy it because of some unbelievable lie, in form of some same-gender threats or competition. If they can't bear the heat in the kitchen with you or are causing unrest or scattering the kitchen for you, then show them the door out of the kitchen.

Stick to the plan, stay focused. You've come a long way with that company, team, project, etc to throw it all into the gutters, all because of same-gender insecurities. Believe strongly in togetherness, and never make judgements base on some myopic gender preferences or specifications. It will help your company, organizations brand, and services grow effectively. Wake-up, Ladies! 

Thanks for reading! Please, share your own opinion in the comment section, why you think most female employers, or women, in general, find it difficult to work together without rancho. And also share your thoughts or opinions on how we can tackle and correct the menace.  

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  1. Interesting; would like to know why also

  2. Okay!
    Jeremiah in my own personal experience, I think it's been triggered due to low self-esteem and insecurity.

    I was told recently, that women dress elegantly to compete with themselves, not to please the male folks