Monday, June 8, 2020

Your Circle, Counts

Your circle counts! What does this imply? Having Relationships is the lifeblood of our existence. And as humans we all need each other to really live and exist in existence. Without a shadow of doubt there is a desire in every man to want relationships, these relationships intrinsically, is what forms our circle, which might either consist of great or negative minds. As interdependent beings, does it mean that every Tom, Dick and Harry should be in your circle of friends? Ofcos not! There are certain factors that should determine who you let in your circle and those factors entirely depend on you. You know better what you need to be; the best version of yourself not otherwise. Hence, if they are not enablers to becoming your best self, if they do not push you to harness your potentials to the fullest then they should not be in your circle because your circle forms who you are, and greatly influences how your life would turn out, and this is why it becomes very important to not carelessly choose or allow just anyone into that space of yours. The good thing about being around people who are driven, who have the habit of chasing their dreams, is that you will be inclined to be driven as well. You owe everyone a level of affection, be nice to people, never look down on anyone but not everyone should be close enough to be in your circle. There is power in relationships so it is important to have the right ones. As you desire and strive to reach those lofty goals be sure to remember that to achieve them, your circle counts. Written by Ruth, Agladima Ushilifum


  1. Waoow!

    The Text Images says it all.
    Thought seemingly funny, it's much a a reality which should be corrected.

    Yeah! "There is power in relationship". Man become more powerful and insurmountable when paired or knighted in a relationship.

    Thank you Faith Ernest.
    I laughed loud on reading the Text image