Thursday, July 23, 2020

Am not a Motivational Speaker but a Career and Life Coach

Many of my connections feel that I am a motivational speaker, perhaps because of my many daily posts. Well, it’s a good title and career. Far from it, that’s not who I am. A typical motivational speaker reads several motivational books, attends different conferences and develops their public speaking skills. That's the person that can be called a motivational speaker because many of their presentations are  quotes from authors.

In my own case, it’s all packaging because of the present environment I find myself, don’t get it twisted, I am a real village boy who lived a real village life in Odobo Okobo in Akwa Ibom State. Who transitioned to the city, weathered the crazy storm of the hustle and bustle of Eko. Dealt with college admission drama, then HND discrimination SAGA. I was the king of working menial jobs at that time, then later moved to a corporate organisation. I won a scholarship by divine provision, travelled to the US for flight training, switched my career twice and worked all the menial jobs in the States while attending grad school and I'm currently working as a Business & Data Analyst. Does that make me a motivational Speaker?

I see myself more of a Life coach, because I have been through the good, the bad and the ugly life experiences. The results are what you see on my posts. I was never one of those fortunate children, opportune to enjoy parental sponsorship, but by personal self hustle, my mentees can affirm, that I share true life stories during our sessions. My posts are filled with my real life experiences. Ultimately, I work like every other workaholic individuals from 8-4pm, as a professional. Yes am John Maxwell Team trained, to better learn how to present those experiences I have had, as a coach.

I share my stories to give many hope. As you all know, many HND graduates have received strength to face each day after sharing my experience as an HND graduate on this platform. Motivationally speaking from quotes, may not have resonated like the real life experience shared. 

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One Love.

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