Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Be True To Yourself!!!

One of the hardest thing to do as humans is to be sincere to oneself. We most times feel alright with ourselves and ignore the toxicity of the attitude, we affect others with. This is the normal tendency of the human mind. It is very easy to point accusing fingers at others but very difficult to acknowledge our own flaws and misdeeds. This is why to me the toughest battle to fight is against one's self. More often than not, when we speak of our grievances we tend to speak from our own pain, how we felt pained or betrayed by an issue...It is usually all about us. You may be reading this and you are probably applauding yourself in your mind, saying I do not do that… Well, I hope you're being true to yourself. My point is, beyond the pain you felt when you had a problem with work, people as the case may be, did you stop to think about what you did not do right? how the other party felt? Did you also try to consider how your actions affects or hurts them? Or was it just about you? Sincerely answer those questions This is how I look at it, if we can learn to first confront ourselves when an issue arises, then we would have less issues to worry about. Trust me if everyone has the mentality of looking inwards before reacting and sincerely admitting, to where we got it wrong, and even when we cannot seem to place where we may have gone wrong but seek to make things right without playing the victim and even if you are the victim, it would go a long way to preventing break up in relationships and quick healing from hurts that would have lasted for longer than necessary breeding bitterness and un-forgiveness.By doing that everyone would be making an effort to be a better human, managing their emotions to react in the best possible ways, even in circumstances that can be really painful or demeaning of who we know we truly are (That is when our person or character is being attacked). Who do you confront first when there is an issue? Yourself or others!!! Is everyone else wrong except you!!! Do you admit certain truths to yourself and acknowledge you could have done better or you push blame and give excuses for your actions? There will be less misunderstanding especially with your relationships, if we learn to be true to ourselves. Quicken your healing by being true to yourself. Look inwards and seek to act right always. If everyone of us is working at achieving this, then we'll have a better world filled with humans who do not just let how they feel control their actions or dealings with others, but also build the best personality for themselves. Think about it!! Written by Ruth Agladima Ushilifum

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