Tuesday, July 7, 2020


The easiest thing to do in the world is you. The most difficult thing to be is what other people want you to be. Don't let them put you in the position. Originality when it comes to brands, products, services and more, matters. What about your best self? What about the you in you, in your personality, that cuts across every sphere of your whole existence as a human being? What about your originality that projects in your output? Look at yourself, can you boast of the job/career that you are doing right now, or the relationships/friends that you are involved in? Are you using circumstances as the limitation of the best you can be in life? Come on, think, time waits for no man. Be your best self! Why waste that precious time of yours, killing your time to run that program, or remain in that job or relationship, just because you were cajoled, pushed, or coerced by "the people that matter in your life," to take that silly and self-draining decision(s). What about your inner peace and self-satisfaction, doesn't it matter to you too? Deep down you feel and you know it does. I had a friend in my undergraduate school days then, who was always complaining he doesn't love the course he was studying then. He was an IT guru, who loved tech and was supposed to study Computer Engineering, but he was forced by his dad(so he said) to study an Estate Management course in school. He often bitterly complains to me, every time we have long conversations on career goals, that he was not enjoying the course he was studying. Before I left school, I heard he dropped out of school. Listen, I know a lot of people who were in one way or the other forced by parents to read courses they had no love for, all in the name of "you ain't the one paying the school fees, so go read that course that will make you matter in our today's society". But, that never stopped them from picking up the broken pieces and restrategizing. Your success or failure does not depend or is not tied to anyone, but you. Quit the limitations, that you can't be your best self, and be the best yourself has to offer to you first, before the world. Don't allow anyone or the negative part of yourself limit the best that you can, or the best that you can offer. Be the best that you can, in all that you can. You can do it, and you can conquer all limitations if you believe in yourself.

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