Thursday, July 9, 2020

Beware!!! Fake Life will Militates against your Growth

Friends, most Connections and folks wouldn’t stop surprising me with their daily lifestyle. Like you all know by now I am a Life & Career Coach, officially trained by John Maxwell Team.Long before I got my professional training as a life coach, I had been coaching and mentoring, and still in the business. Permit me to share this; one thing I found common militating against one attaining career success and growth is, “Living a fake life”.

Check this out, just for an example. My name is officially “Wilfred Eteobong Asuquo”. Look at it this way, on my Linkedin profile, I have Wilfred Fatherking (which is the English explanation of 'Eteobong'). Why? oh! because I do not want my foreign contacts to think I am an African. But perhaps, my resumè has Wilfred Asuquo, and on my Facebook account, I have another different name. Notice the inconsistency?

On social media, you display being affluent like “hushpuppy”, yet you are seeking job opportunities from individuals. Fake life.

Another example, say, I have never worked or had any dealing with a bank, yet I have it on my LinkedIn as my previous or present job experience. Meanwhile it’s not on my resumè. 

These and many more are fake life and unrealistic lifestyles that will get you nowhere. Just to let you know, recruiters, HR managers and hiring managers network themselves in different industries. Some of them profile your account on social media before reaching out to you. If this resonates with you, then it means you have been fooling yourself.

You can’t get close to success by living in a lie, as a lifestyle. It will only place you in a less advantageous career growth. Some claim to be entrepreneurs, yet they are not even self-employed. Meanwhile they are seeking a job opening. A word is enough for the wise. As I rest my case.