Thursday, July 30, 2020

Life is a Phase - To everything! there is a Season

I went with my daughter and wife to a city  called Winsted Connecticut, 45 minutes from home today. On our way home, we stopped by at a beautiful park for sightseeing. And I was ruminating about what I was doing at such a time on a Thursday afternoon. 

Few years ago, I didn't have such time to spend with my family because everyday, every second, every hour counted in order to make a decent paycheck, Sunday to Sunday double shifts. I used to work 90 to 110 hours a week. Taking a vacation was a hassle because all  staff  had to find their coverage before taking time off and many a times the vacation requests were denied. Infact,  sometimes I  had to switch hours with fellow staff just to be able to still make a decent check upon  my return from vacation. My life was centered around overtime. I was barely home coupled with my  studies

Today, I work with a great organization that values my worth. They place value on their staff’s welfare and well being. In fact, my boss encourages me to use my accumulated vacation hours. By this, she stated, “use your vacation time to recuperate, spend time with your family and rest well before returning to work”. She Knows I love working. Previously, such was far-fetched 

Growth and change is constant, please to those reading this post, do the needful now to make a positive future transition in your upward movement . I do not need those many hours to be happy anymore. Working in a toxic work environment is far from it.

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