Monday, July 27, 2020

Never Look Down on ANYBODY

You never know who has the right key to your greatness or success. Stay humble at all times. In my last article, I talked about "Seizing every Opportunity." The only way to make the previous post happen is when you stop doubting the source and focus on the impact that would be derived from that source. Most people derive fulfilment talking about their achievements, but others don't, that doesn't make the first more profound and successful than the other. The first might find satisfaction doing taking about his successes, while the other sees it as unnecessary. A lot of people look down on most people that speak little or less of their achievements and successes, that way they miss the assistant and professional/career uplifting they would have gotten if they were less selective and picky. I can imagine how a lot of talented graduates professionals would have lost the first-hand opportunity to get a chance to work with the likes of Mark Zuckerberg just because their main focus are on peoples appearances. Listen, your helper does not need to drive Lamborghini or Ferrari for you to be convinced that he or she is capable of taking you to that height you are gunning for. I could recall a story I was told when I was little, of Nnamdi Azikiwe the First President of Nigeria, who walked into his airport dressed casually as a passenger but was welcomed in an impolite manner by the workers that received him, thinking he was a random passenger. Most people have missed blessings, favours, opportunities, top-notch networks, promotions and the rest because of the ignorance of the fact that the above opportunities do not have a special appearance or clothing when it wants to show up or surface itself. Start today by being open-minded to everybody or anybody that comes your way. Thank you.