Wednesday, July 22, 2020


Never take any opportunities for granted, be it minute, trifling or insignificantly mundane to you, at any given point in time. A whole lot of us lack the ability to daily seize opportunities either because we feel we are too perfect, too learned, high-standard, etc. And these misplaced priorities or nonchalant attitude to not seeing the light, the most-minute opportunities life often gives us, has allowed and made a whole lot of individuals lose the link or path to greatness or success, in their professional and career pursuits. I approached an upcoming artist who is now my client and told him I was going to promote his new singles on Top Nigeria most-watched TV stations. Guess what he did? Smiles! He went to my social media accounts to check the numbers of followers I had, and was disappointed, because this girl right here, believes in "working in silence and allowing success speak for you," so I don't need to have 1-10million followers to quantify how good I am at my craft, because I am sure a very good publicist, due to my past and present work experiences. My client doubted, with what he saw but still believed, and now he is all smiling because of the public recognition he has been getting, at a low cost, and with less stress. But what if he had walked away. Life will be a whole lot much easier if we seize every opportunity. Forget about the now-profit and focus on the future-profit. Forget about looking for that 1million pay job and start today to accept a less million pay job. Forget about making quick money, and go through the pain of following due process to accumulate wealth. Forget about the less talked about cook and focus on satisfying your stomach (idiomatic expression). A lot of people have lost the opportunity of a better life because they were not paying attention to every opportunity that comes by them. Don't forget all tomatoes in the basket is rotten or bad, select the good ones and improvise on how to sort out the rotten ones. Because in every nonsense they say, there is a sense. Start today by seizing every opportunity that surfaces itself.

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