Wednesday, July 29, 2020


You are your best motivation, quit waiting or looking for who to push you. Start with you, first! The only person that knows you is you. Little wonder Socrates propounded the prominent ideology used universally as, "Man know thyself." Quit sitting down in one place complaining and pouting in confusion when you have opportunities lying around for you to harness and make use of. As a teenager growing up, I started off reading motivational books, as part of working on myself process. Most times I always felt it never made sense, it was time-consuming, etc but soonest, when I came to the understanding of life in itself, the books I felt I wasted my time and energy reading, to better build my personality was what came handy to tackle most of the life challenges that surface itself in my career and professional pursuits. Listen, we all know a whole lot of people have been laid off work, due to economic current economic degradation caused by the global pandemic. The question I kept asking myself and other persons is, why separate or segregate the people to lay-off and those who are to stay? Are they not supposed to receive the same share of the verdict? I had a conversation with Wilfred Asuquo and he stated that those laid off are those who do not have the ability to multitask, that was why there was no need to keep wasting the money the company is struggling to acquire on them, when some other person can take up the job of three individuals at a time, without struggling or complaining. Reason being that they've one way or the other painstakingly taken time to work on themselves. The ability to multitask, that most people often put in their resumé for show-off, only becomes effective when there is a consistent self-building through skill-set acquisition, getting a good mentor/coach, and daily reading motivational books. What do you use your monthly data for? What do you invest your time and energy on? Why waste hours watching that live show, sup opera, seasonal movies, etc when you should be making good use of your time, working on yourself and seeking skills to better refine your career and professional pursuits. It's about time we quit being lazy and focus on the highest calling of how to better build ourselves. Thank you!