Friday, August 21, 2020


Action, they say, speaks louder than words, same as success, when it is put in play which in turn then becomes a foundational key to one's success, when it becomes consistent and invariant. Most times you often ask yourself why most important things are not working well, even when you feel you've done your possible best to make it work. When I say important things, I'm not just focusing on just one area or aspect of our lives, I mean, in every area of our lives, even if it pinches or itches you differently, it still doesn't change the fact that it's still a challenge. 

 The main reason why the previous paragraph, question, still bothers some of us most times, is because, we are often too scared to take the bull by the horn to take action in facing our fears, which might either be letting go of that job that is not helping your career/professional growth or stay with it and keep struggling to thrive in life. It's because of the fear of walking out of that relationship that sucks you dry all round, because you feel you won't find someone better if you decide to move on. It's also because of the fear of running a degree or another degree because you feel you are either too old to assimilate things or too start attending lectures. 

 Aside from fear, the other reason might be, paying much attention wastefully to something that shouldn't be over-emphasized paying attention to. For example, a student who kept failing a course because he thinks reading for lengthy hours will give him a good grade. What if, his only solution was, to balance things up by prioritizing his life with everything well organised and balanced up properly, without missing out time for a good brain and body rest, eating well, staying fit and maintaining a proper good hygiene. Let me stop here for now. Smiles Start today to take that action, even though it might seem pretty difficult at first, don't forget; a stitch in time saves nine. So, take that action, that will help give you the right key to unlock anticipated or unforeseen successes to harness. Thank you.
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