Monday, August 3, 2020

Build for yourself, a HEALTHY SELF-ESTEEM

Your self-esteem becomes very much healthy, when your personal decisions and motives are unbiased and unquestionable, by you. Without ignoring the fact that most people's opinions are primary. 

There is a difference between self-esteem and pride. The first focuses on the generality of an individual person, while the other is one attribute out of uncountable other emotional attributes or states of an individual's perceived personality. Don't mix both concepts together, because they have their own separate functionality. One, out of it touches every aspect of building one's personality either in a good or bad way, as the case may be.

Repeatedly, we most times hear people say, I can't be better or be my best self if that "personality/indidvidual" is not in my life, to consistently push me. I can't attain great heights professionally/career-wise, financially, relationship-wise, etc if he/she is not with me all the way long to assist me. I can't, make it without him/her. And so many more unhealthy decisions and thoughts that moulds one's self-esteem into self-conceited personality complexity. 

Who told you, you can't be better off without that toxic individual? Who told you, you can't be the best you can, if you just believe in yourself? Who told you, you are not worth fighting for? Who told you, your healthy confidence cannot make you stand out in the mist of multitudes? Never forget, "success will only carry you to the top, but what wil keeps you there is healthy character," that is contagious and positively infectious.

Start now to learn how to carry yourself with poise and charisma, that you are the only best person that ever existed, and you are, only that special breed that can be found in the whole universe. Thank you 

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  1. This is very educating and insightful cause many persons are victims of this..Nice one dear..