Sunday, August 2, 2020

Days of little beginning, Hustling as a Compere.

Looking at these photos, memories of me hosting different events in Lagos for some little token, during the waiting period of 3 years for a job. This was one responsibility I took very personally, each time I had an opportunity. Little did I know, I will be hosting different events outside the shores of Nigeria, and possibly virtually. Guess what? My natural public speaking skill was born out of this singular act, which I carry out effortlessly.

Looking back at this picture and reflecting on my days in the compere(MC hustle), it’s a good reminder that despite the challenges we face, it is important to put all our effort into each commitment & opportunities we find ourselves in. One common thing stood out in those two pictures; I wore the same pants. Smiles! That was the only presentable and ceremonial pant I had, at that time.

Most times, my presentation would go wrong, but I would own it, and take responsibility, try again and strive to do better, next time. Overwhelmingly, It has been a cycle of learning and growing over the years. But, the stories are different today because the reward for hardwork and consistency have made it worth it.

Just before you find yourself subdued and discouraged, just give it your best shot, and remember, life is a process. I hope this gives someone motivation to keep pushing.

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