Sunday, August 9, 2020

Enjoying being a Business Analyst & a Life Coach

No doubt, I love my career profession as a Business Analyst. However, the best aspect of being a business Analyst is requirements gathering and elicitation. In doing this, I engage with stakeholders, end users and  development teams to understand exactly what they need. In my current position, gathering those requirements through questionnaires that  enable Data and report creation, often fascinates me. 

In manner, with these skills, I'm able to understand what questions to ask the mentees or clients that I  coach or mentor to better establish areas they need improvement in or to refocus on.

My clients are usually fascinated by the questions I always ask and how I  eventually connect all their responses to make my character analysis. Usually, the clients chorus their flaws and mistakes by themselves before I make a comment. Indeed it’s a gift from my creator not the acquired skills. One thing that is required when on a one-on-one  session with me is to “be honest & truthful at all times” it's only by that I can better restrategize your life or career journey.

Well, I think my several recommendations from those who have been on sessions with me will give you a little insight about what I am saying

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