Tuesday, August 25, 2020

LADIES: Men are attracted to CONFIDENCE

Being confident does not give one the licence to be stubborn. Being confident does not make one an unapologetic radical feminist. It simply means, as a lady you believe strongly in yourself and in your abilities. It simply means, when he's not around you can make sound and reliable decisions. 

It simply means, with or without your man's compliment, you know you are smart, beautiful, you possess a strong intellectual prowess, etc. It obviously does not mean one should be rebellious. It obviously does not mean that men should be treated disrespectfully. It's nothing close to that because they are to be respected no matter their colour, positions, financial stability, etc. Most women have so very much, stoop themselves so low to cry and run after a man that does not want them for who they are, or who feels they are not enough because they parade themselves to possessing self-confident. 

This only comes to play, when they personally refuse to love themselves, by accepting who they are. Listen, if I give you, to you, would you with an open heart appreciate and accept you? If your answer is yes, then you are a confident woman who believes in yourself, and has put most of your personality defaults to check. Ladies, daily work on your confidence. For example; your poise, composure, eloquence, dressing, characte. Daily do research, be up to date with current issues, don't only be on the listening side during a table conversation, be on the contributing side, be vast in knowledge. I could recall when I was called upon by my Chief Editor, whilst working as a news reporter, to cover an event as a youth Corper. I went there dressed in a corporate wear. The respect I received from the Minister of Project and Infrastructure, and some top journalists, got me dazed. After the event, during my introduction as a serving Corper, they were all astonished, because of my carriage, poise and charisma. Build your confidence by first believing in you, and in your worth, as a lady. Never look down on your abilitie. Thank you.

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