Wednesday, August 19, 2020


It's your business not some other persons, same as his or hers, learn to respect that. The less poke-nosing in people's personal space or business, the lesser the unnecessary dramas, that might not only affect your sense of reasoning, but also your peace of mind. 

 Most people misinterpret "mind your own business' as ignoring a man who decides to jump off a bridge or jump on a moving vehicle to commit suicide. Ignoring an individual trying to give up on his or her career, professional, marital and successful relationship pursuits. Ignoring an individual who is job hunting wildly for a job that will pay the bills for his or her expenses, etc. 

That's not the minding of your business I'm talking about, here, because it's inhumane and barbaric to watch a fellow human being, attempting to commit suicide, or at the verge of being jungle-jugded by street howlers/accusers, and you remain aloof. Don't just watch or walk away because it doesn't concern you, help out. If you have a connection or an acquaintance that needs a kind of help, help out. Learn to mind your business, must you know how many jobs or contracts he/she is getting, focus on yours. Must you know his/her net worth, focus on making your account fatter and consistent. It won't cost you hardache or put you into an unnecessary troubles.

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