Monday, August 17, 2020

PEACE Begins with a SMILE

The calmest of hearts are of those who never lacks the ability of smiling, always. No doubt, laughter is the best medicine, but smiling on the other hand, is one of the most valuable anti-aging medicine that has ever existed. I have never seen a man who smiles always, age faster, because consistent smiling to him, is one of the best remedies for staying and looking younger. 

Just a smile, can warm the most hardened of hearts. Just that smile, can stir-up and motivate the most depressed of hearts from taking a drastic and regretful decision. Just a smile can break certain protocols. listen, most people have been giving jobs or contracts, not because they are qualified for the job, but because they never stopped smiling even when it seems they had lost the job or contract. Never forget, if you can't walk your way to the top, smile your way up there. Show those lovely sets of whitening teeths you've got, with a warmth smile emanating from your inside. 

That smile, that is unbiased, forced, compelled, or coerced. Smite even the most aggressive of hearts, with just that warmth, soul uplifting and affectionate smile. If there is one most important attribute I learnt from Wilfred Asuquo is his continuous incessant ability of smiling, always. He is always not shy to show the world his white sets of teeth, even during tough times in his life. I have never seen anyone talk about their past challenges, with a well-broadened smile on their faces, but I have no doubt seen Wilfred do that. Never forget, your pursuits for peace, begins with a smile. Start today to learn how to smile always. Thank you
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