Saturday, August 8, 2020

See Everyday as a FRESH START

The beginning of a new day is a privilege to make right our wrongs, let go of past failures, heal from them and embrace life with hope, happiness and positive expectation despite overwhelming odds. And where we have done noble in the past, it is time to beat new records. 

A renowned author describes life as a battleground. A typical battleground is characterized by oppositions which can lead to injuries leaving lasting scars and no human on the face of the earth is free from this battle, as long as one is breathing, it's inevitable. 

Some have become discouraged and fallen preys to depression because they have allowed their challenges to gain a better part of them, instead of embracing every new day with hope and make efforts to rise, they let it affect every other area of their lives, making it impossible for them to see the possibility to truly live again. 

Regardless of the situation, especially during this pandemic where for many it seems as though all doors have been shut against them, be responsible for how it affects you. Be hopeful, happy and expectant. Do not get so familiar with tough times, that you most times accept as fate. 

A fresh start is possible, always will be. It may prove difficult as it is often accompanied with feelings of pain, regrets (when the challenges are self-inflicted), heartaches and disappointment but willingness to go through the process will yield a result that is worthwhile. 

Things may have failed, but that's not a license to remaining aloof. Disregard the thought that the worse has happened to you and approach life's harsh treatment with a positive attitude.

Life is what we make of it. Good things can come out from bad experiences, it all depends on what lens you choose to see from. Don't let today and the future suffer for yesterday's shortfalls. The past is where you learn the lessons, be grateful for your present because it is an opportunity for a fresh start paving way for a more fulfilling future.

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