Saturday, August 1, 2020

Why wait? START NOW!

Procrastination is the backbone of mediocrity, don't get too comfortable with it. A whole lot of people would have been their own boss, but they are too scared of the unknown, too timid to approach people that would help them grow, and too comfortable with their current or present state of spoon-feeding on people's monthly income as allowance and peanuts as paychecks; when they would or should have been creating job(s) for themselves and that of others. I'm not saying you should go fight with your bosses, employers, guardian or parents, all I am saying is, get up and kick-start that business you've strategized, re-strategized and penned down a long time ago, to accomplish. A whole lot of us have missed mouth-watering jobs and contracts because we are or were too lazy, and obviously too slack in finishing an online professional course, that would have amassed and earned us that contract or position that would obviously have been a milestone to launching us into the next level of our lives, in our individual professional pursuits and career. Personally, I could recall starting off a digital marketing course online, whilst serving as a Nigerian Youth Corper, but I was too uptight to finish it. I could recollect it telling-on-me back then, when most times I would get notifications of most job offers, specifically requesting for a certified Digital Marketer(the course I was too uptight to finish). The right time to take up the mantle and courage to boost your professional career is now, not later and definitely not tomorrow. Focus on starting now, and allow tomorrow's challenge, take care of itself. The time is now, thank God you just got another opportunity, don't waste it. There are a lot of free online professional courses to apply for, learn from and maybe get certified on. Why wait? Start now! And those of you, seeking for admissions and scholarships abroad, most especially North America, but are confused on where to start from or the necessary procedures to follow, connect and apply for a one on one session with Wilfred Asuquo Impact Academy, for Life/Career coaching and mentorship, so as to be guided by the team on how to go about the whole process(Terms and Conditions apply).

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