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Do you have a problem, challenges or issues in your relationship, family or work? 
Or do you need someone to talk to or get feedback of a particular issue? If yes
A problem shared is problem half solved. Hence, here we believe a problem shared is half solved already

Simply Email your content To and it will be published within 24 hours depending on our work load. Please bare in mind that, I am not a licensed problem solver or professional,but we share ideas,suggestions and possible solutions based on experiences and research. Your article will receive the attention of btn247 readers and their advice, suggestions and feedback are all you need to move forward. In return, readers will be inspired.

1. Content type accepted For publication includes relationship problems, life stories(motivational), family Problems, and news worthy articles etc.

2. Content you are submitting for publication must be well presented and must not be less than 450 characters.

3. You are require to submit your article along with related media shots if applicable.

We will be so delighted to receive your submission for publication. Please enjoy your time with us...

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